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Why your business might want to be more virtual

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

You may now be one of the lucky ones who are thinking about returning to work or re-opening your business - under strict new measures of course. But does it have to be like this?

Any business which has an element of office-based work could continue to keep some or all aspects virtual, whether you have an office with multiple employees or just work alone.

Virtual meetings

We've all been to those meetings where to be frank - it could have been a quick email. Is online meeting software the answer? Yes, keeping distanced is going to be an ongoing requirement for everyone for a while yet and keeping the meetings in your business virtual will certainly help. Just making this one small switch alone will cut costs in renting a meeting room or solve the issue of time clashes when booking a room. No travel time to worry about and if you want to be really productive make sure everyone has made their cup of tea before starting!

Save your cash

Meetings aren't the only area that you can cut costs. If it's currently working well for you at home, then do you need the office at all? Ending the lease on your office space could save you a fortune. If you still prefer the office environment without the price tag you could consider a co-working space. On average companies renting space in a flexible or co-working environment pay anything between £150 and £1500 a month. These spaces usually include other benefits too such as meeting room hire, tea and coffee and good quality WiFi.

Where employees are concerned you can cut your staff sickness and in turn, costs. Some studies show that staff who are home-based are not only happier, they're healthier too. Taking fewer sick days or perhaps even feeling able to support from home despite being a little under the weather and eliminating the possibility of passing it on to the rest of the team. A pretty big benefit in a pandemic.

It's nothing new

Believe it or not, quite a lot of companies small and large have been operating a home based working system for some time - one example is Sovereign Housing Association who are one of the largest housing associations in the south of England. Most of their call centre staff are based at home and they were doing it this way long before COVID.

So, the real question is - why has it taken a pandemic for us to see the potential for working virtually? Put simply I don't know but I would hazard a guess that it has something to do with the fact that some business owners fear productivity levels if they allow their staff more flexibility. But guess what - there's an app for that too! If you are really concerned about productivity you can track this with a whole host of staff planning tools and productivity timers.


Whatever your way of working, we need to keep everyone safe. Before heading back to the office have a think about what you can do to keep your business virtual or even semi-virtual. Ultimately any virtual practices you can put in place will have a positive impact on your staff and in your pocket.

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