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How I can help to run your CRM

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

If you are keeping all of your client data on a spreadsheet you are missing out. Here I'll explain a particular service I offer, running your CRM or 'Customer Relationship Management' software.

What is a CRM?

CRM stands for customer relationship manager, which is usually a software where all your customer details are in one place with their names, address, contact details and much more. If you are a fairly small business you may be keeping all customer data on a spreadsheet. Navigating a CRM is so much more simple and has so many extra functions that you don't get in a spreadsheet and the best bit is there are loads available for free!

Does it matter what I'm using?

This is purely a personal choice. If you ask for others opinions you're going to get hundreds of different suggestions. Personally I recommend one that I use myself called Capsule. It's cloud based meaning you can access it from any device connected to the internet and there is nothing to download. It is super simple and it's even free for up to 250 contacts.

How do I gain access?

Accessing Capsule is simple, just navigate to the unique web address that your CRM software has been set up on. Capsule lets you create your own unique URL address which could be your business name. Many CRM systems also have an app you can use on your phone. Although you could potentially navigate to the same web address on your phone browser, it's probably going to be too small to navigate. Having an app version on your phone means you can access your client data anywhere - no need to get out the laptop and search.

The benefits of a CRM

Specifically thinking of Capsule, you can integrate so many different programmes. One of my favourites is the accounting software integration - imagine needing to call your customer but you remember they owe you some money too. Just pop onto Capsule and you'll find the phone number for the call and the amount owed patched in from your accounting software.

Another personal favourite in Capsule is the task function. If you need to remind yourself to call a client on a particular day or send an invoice you just set up a task and Capsule will email you on that day with a list of what you need to do. If you want to go even further you can integrate the task list straight into your work calendar.

What sort of tasks do I typically carry out on a CRM?

I carry out a number of tasks such as;

  • Data input of new clients

  • Update client details

  • Work through 'task lists'

  • Schedule items in a linked diary if you have one

  • Set up back end processes (specifically Capsule)

  • Set up integrations with other apps such as Xero or QuickBooks

If you like the sound of a CRM but don't have one yet I have teamed up with Karen Brooks of Pellings Business Solutions to bring you a 'how to use Capsule' training course. It is delivered online and costs just £30. On the training we'll show you how to add your contacts, how to set up automated processes and much more.

Book here

If you already have Capsule but have something in particular you want to spend more time with me going through I recommend booking a power hour for £50.

Book here

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